Friday, August 21, 2009

more new beer

Last night, on the way home from taking our friend to a couple east side spots, my wife, friend, and I all stopped at belmont station, to pick up a couple of beverages for the night. For the aging shelf, I picked up a Bruery Saison Rue - a saison brewed with brettanomyces, and a Cascade Cuvée Du Jongleur - an american wild ale.

My drink immediately purchase was another oskar blues six pack. This time I purchased Old Chub - a scottish ale. I'm going to wait to review this one because the jury's still out on it. At first it tasted pretty decent, but towards the end of the can the caramel and butter scotch seem to be a bit over the top for my enjoyment. I'd like to finish out the rest of the pack before I really make my judgement. If I were to do it now, I'd put oskar blues old chub on my "don't buy again" list; but something is telling me to give this beer another shot. It's certainly very bold in flavor and complexity. I feel like maybe it's a pretty solid beer, but maybe just not what I wanted to drink right now.

Today I went on a pretty solid hike with my wife and a friend. Upon returning to Portland, we hit up the hawthorne fish house, and I had two walking man IPA's. Always a solid bet. Especially refreshing after a long walk in the gorge.

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