Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cascade barrel house

I started a post on trying to find out some more info on the new Cascade brewing location that's supposed to be coming together over by green dragon. I was very excited this morning to read this reply:

"We are opening a second location on 935 SE Belmont. It will be called "Cascade Barrel House." At this facility, we will be aging over 300 oak barrels of beer, blending, bottling and conditioning all our specialty products. This is a real commitment to our barrel-aged sour beer process. We will have a pub that will serve our specialty and sour beers as well as a few picked guest beers. We will also serve our barrel-aged beers straight through the cooler wall with traditional old brass taps... barrel strength Kriek, Bourbonic Plague from a Heaven Hills Bourbon barrel and Blond Quad to name a few. We want to tap a new beer every week. We are targeting mid to late winter for the opening."

Extremely exciting news!

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