Friday, September 18, 2009

new beers!

Today after work, I picked up a couple beers for an upcoming belgian beer tasting that I'm hosting, as well as a couple others for immediate consumption.

Up first, I tried the Bobtoberfest from Heater Allen. This beer was lighter than I would have expected, but very tasty. The bottle was a step up in design from their usual offerings as well, so I was pleased with the purchase from the collectability standpoint alone; the drinkability was a bonus.

After the Bobtoberfest, I cracked open a new beer from Rogue. The first in their Chateau Rogue series - Wet Hop Ale. This is a fantastic fresh hop beer made with first growth hops grown by rogue on their farm in independence. It was everything you could want in a fresh hop beer, very floral and grassy; bitter, but not overly so; well balanced on the malt side; a great addition to Oregon's ever expanding selection of fresh hop beers. The bottle is another beautifully serigraphed piece, and I like the "first growth" labeling, which is sure to make this a collectors item.

In addition to these great brews, I picked up another stone vertical epic 9-9-9, as well as the new stone collaboration beer, juxtaposition black pilsner, to enjoy over the next couple of days.

For the beer tasting, I grabbed a Fantome Saison, and an Oud Kriek.

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