Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new breweriana

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon hunting for beer stuff. I found three things.

First, I picked up a cool vintage Watney's wall mount/table top sign. This is the first piece of Watney's I've managed to collect, and I had the perfect place on the wall to mount it.

At my next stop, I scored a new belgium brewery two sided hanging sign. One side say's New Belgium Brewery, and has the simple chalice logo in the center. The other side advertises fat tire. The interesting thing about this sign is that the two sides are printed on big circles, which are then held together by an actual bike tire around the outside edge. I hung this one on the wall with the simple chalice logo (which I prefer) facing out. Another great addition, and it was nice to be able to collect something more craft and less macro for the wall.

I also picked up another one of those pottery type beer steins from the 70's with american landmarks on them. This time, I picked up the grand canyon.

In addition to the beer stuff, I picked up a small wood grain book case, a couple of books, and a couple of the original Hobbit on VHS, all for the beer cave.

Pretty fun haul.

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