Monday, February 15, 2010

More new beers.

On my last post, I forgot to mention that I started off super bowl sunday at the horse brass in the morning for breakfast. I got the english breakfast, which was a pretty fantastic pile of food for $7.50. You get sausage, irish back bacon, ham, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, eggs, baked beans, fry bread, and toast and jam.

I remembered this because of a new bottle of beer that I picked up last night at belmont station. The beer was Caldera's Hopportunity Knocks. I had it on tap for the first time that super bowl sunday morning (along with a firestone velvet merkin), and I got it in a 22 ounce bottle for the first time last night.

Among the first beers that Caldera has bottled (along with sessionable lager), this is a great northwest IPA in great packaging. It's a seasonal "kettle series" beer; of which another four have been scheduled for release in the coming months. I'm really excited to see this happening from Caldera. They always seem to have some great beers out there that never make it to the canning line. Hopefully the bottling proves to be a success, as I'd love the chance to get some of their seasonal stuff to drink at home.

Besides the Hopportunity Knocks, I grabbed two attractively packaged Upright beers; a flora rustica, and a billy the mountain. I have some beer trading going on it a couple months, and I've been trying to stock up on some good Oregon beers that don't get much out of state distribution, and I thought these really fit the bill.

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