Saturday, February 27, 2010

sang noir

I read on the Belmont Station website today that Cascade Sang Noir was on tap. I had to work until 7:00, but immediately biked over afterwords to grab a glass. This is such a solid sour beer. I wrote about it before so I wont elaborate, except to say it was worth thinking about all day, and it probably inspired one of my fastest bike rides home from work ever.

Along with the Sang Noir, I grabbed a bowl of chili. The chili was OK, but was a little too salty and less spicy than I would have expected. I was given the choice of bread or chips, and I went with the bread, but found that it was really dry and unpalatable. Probably the last bowl of chili I'll ever order at Belmont Station; and I love chili.

After dinner, I grabbed two tasty CDA's. First, I started with Barley Brown's Turmoil. This was a great CDA. Smelled like a heavenly IPA, and tasted the same with a bit of chocolate added. I'd put this one up there with hopworks secession as one of my favorite CDA's of all time. After the Barley Brown's, I finished with a southern tier iniquity. While I thought the Southern Tier was delicious, I think it missed the mark on it's advertised style of "black IPA". It was more like a super hoppy porter to me. That's the line a brewer needs to be careful not to cross when exploring CDA territory. You want a dark and enhanced IPA, but you don't want to cross into the hoppy porter realm.

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