Monday, April 19, 2010

the weekend/pannepot wild

On Saturday, I noticed that Struise added Pannepot Wild to their web store. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to grab a bottle, (of course I WANTED to, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the cash to have it shipped from Belgium), but I mentioned the listing to a friend, who ended up buying two, one of which he says he's putting aside for me, so I guess it really worked out. The friend is from California, where they haven't had Cantillon distribution in over a year, so I decided to try to get a good bottle or two up here for trade. Here's the commercial description from the Struise website:

"Back in 2008, Urbain had the idea to age some Pannepot on wild yeast strains. As this was yet another of his crazy experiments, the risk was calculated and minimalized to an amount of 450 litres of Pannepot that was used on 2 barrels only. French red wine oak barrels were used were from Chateau Tour Baladoz, a superb Saint Emilion Grand Cru. Urbain used these barrels before to age Earthmonk and he has huge faith in the owner of the vineyard. After 2 years of peaceful aging, Alex from Brasserie 4:20 in Rome came by, and he did not want to leave without buying at least one barrel of beer at the brewery. Urbain cried when he had to prepare one of his barrels for shipment. Then he decided to bottle the other barrel, so he could start all over again."

After work, I swung by the Beer Mongers. I was on the hunt for some Cantillon, but they were out until Thursday, so I decided to see what I could pick up at new seasons. On my way over, I noticed a group of guys standing in front of the open overhead door at the newly built Apex bar, so I coasted over to check on the status of the place. Jesse said that beers weren't pouring quite yet, but was hopeful that they'd get going by the middle or end of next week. From the street, this looks like it's going to be a really great place to hang out this summer, and I can't wait to get inside. Out front is probably Portland's largest bike rack. It will be neat to see it fill up this summer.

At New Seasons, I picked up a couple Cantillon Gueuze, and an Alesmith Speedway stout, and then made by way back to the house, where I had one gueuze, and then moved onto a Pelican Wee Heavy, before calling it a night.

The next day was a sunny Sunday, and I had off from work, so I worked on a couple of projects around the house, mowed the lawn, got some sun, and sipped some brews. At the house, I had a Caldera IPA and a bottle of Hopworks Ace of Spades, before heading out to meet a friend for a little east side patio crawl.

At Rontoms, I kept up on my Upright consumption, and enjoyed the last bits of sun out back with a four, and another bottle of Flora Rustica. Then it was off the Migration Brewing, where I grabbed a Ft. George Oatmeal Pale, and then finally the East Burn, where I finished the night off with the day's only non-oregon beer, a great divide yeti that just sounded too good to go with my Gorgonzola bacon burger (another one of the east side's finest).

It was a great weekend.

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