Friday, May 28, 2010

Roscoe's Belgian Beer Summit

Things have been a little slow on the deer drinking front in this household lately. My parents, my wife's parents, and her brother's family are all coming in from out of town tomorrow, so I've been spending more time behind things like landscaping and house cleaning equipment than I've spent behind a pint.

Tonight however, I plan on drinking some beer.

I was checking out the southeast portland neighborhood guide that's in the Mercury right now, and an ad that said "Belgian Beer Summit" caught my eye. The event is being held at a place called Roscoe's, and the address puts it a block off of SE 82nd ave, in Montavilla. I've never been to Roscoe's, so I looked it up on yelp. Sounds like a recent remodel, and a new focus on higher end craft beers has really changed people's opinions of the place. Looking over some of the reviews, I noticed people had mentioned having beers like the Abyss, Jubel 2010, and Supplication there in the past few months. Impressive!

I looked on to try to dig up a bit more info, and this is what I found:

Belgian Beer Summit
8105 SE Stark
Indica Belgae from Fort George, Diablato from HUB, a belgian style ale from Cascade Brewing + some from Belgium, Chambly, Ft. Collins and Santa Rosa.

So it sounds like some Portland Cheers to Belgian Beers leftovers, probably something sour from Cascade, a few actual belgian beers, something from unibroue maybe, some New Belgium stuff, and Santa Rosa has to be Russian River, I'd think. Maybe another american wild ale? I know it's not really belgian styled, but what else would they use?

Sure, it clearly isn't the most authentic "Belgian Beer Summit" line-up that I can think of, but it certainly sounds good enough to get me off my ass to try a new place.


  1. this was a really quality post. In theory I'd like to write like this too - taking time and real effort to make a good article... but what can I say... I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get something done.

  2. The lack of Upright was a glaring omission, maybe not if they were featuring real belgian beers but with local belgian beers it seemed really strange.

  3. yeah, this place isn't a "beer bar", and the selection was... odd for a "belgian beer summit", but I had a really good time, drinking really good beers, even if the list wasn't Belgian, or even Belgian styled. I had consecration, the cascade honey rye, a saison and from Deschutes. The consecration was $1 less than other places in town, and I actually really enjoyed the food.

    I got the "sloppy 82nd" po-boy, which was basically a philly steak sandwich, with melted cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, and horse raddish sauce, and speaking as an ex philly-area resident, I can say they did a solid job with it.

    Then it was across the street to thatchers, where I had an Alemeda Black Bear Stout, and then finally over to club 205 for black buttes and fun bags.

  4. Samurai Artist-sure you're sensitive because you work at Upright, but all pedXer did was to copy the info on the OBG site. Why waste time on this? Which is what I am saying to myself as I write this.