Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my first year hops!

As I indicated in my last post, I noticed some hops for sale at Fred Meyer the other day when I was grocery shopping, and I decided that since so little effort was involved to acquire them, that this would be the year I'd finally start growing my own. I picked up four plants total, and planted two in my front yard to cascade over the entrance of the beer cave (garage, for the uninitiated), and two in the backyard, to make a big bushy wall of hops along my south facing fence line. Since Sunday (when I planted them), each has grown about a foot in length. I pruned off all but one shoot on each to help the plants concentrate on healthy root growth, but I'm still optimistic about what's going on above ground. Even if I don't get much (any?) flowering, it will be nice to see everything grow.

I'm posting some pictures of the freshly planted hops now for myself to look back on later in the year.

These two are in the front. The one on the left will grow over my bedroom window, and the one on the right will grow over the entrance to the garage. Both are planted along a south facing wall, but these miss out on early morning sun due to the house blocking the eastern light.

These are the ones in the back. The plan is to grow the one on the left to the top of the fence, and then train it sideways on some twine. The one on the right will go sideways from the top of it's post (which I made from some signs northwest natural never picked up after they ran gas to my house from the street), to run along under the other one. Hopefully, this will make a nice bushy wall of hops.

I posted this one in particular for King C, who I don't know and who probably has never read my blog, but who has served me many beers, and I've read is a fan of not only beer, but also growing hops, and furry cats.

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