Saturday, November 13, 2010

beer cave update

I don't have much to write about right now. I've been laying low to save a little cash for all the big releases that are occurring next week. I did get a package in the mail a few days ago that contained part of a trade. In it was an Ithaca Brute - an american wild ale I've only ever previously tasted that I had been seeking a full bottle of ever since. The extras included a weyerbacher insanity, and a founder's nemesis, two well known east coast barleywines that I'm eager to try. I might open those as part of a barleywine tasting in the coming month or so, which would be appropriate with the Mother of all Storms release occurring next week. My buddy in Germany who previously surprised me with a package containing Westvleteren 12 says to expect another package this week. It's contents are a surprise, but I'm sure it will be awesome. I think he's buttering me up because of the MoaS and Matt releases next week. I'll be sure to send some Oregon love out to him in return.

Also, I received a few emails over the past week or so about the status of the book that my garage is going to be featured in. It sounds like they're finalizing the layout, and the book will be available to purchase in April. It wasn't until I thought back to the photos that I had originally submitted that I realized how out of hand my collecting has been this year. I'm going to have to move into a place with an unfinished basement or a bigger garage soon if I don't get a check on my hoarding. Recently, I ran out of room on the walls for signs, so I took down all the mirrors and started mounting them on the ceiling to make more space.

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  1. Going to send you some photos of my Man cave... Do you have a direct email address? Email me your address.