Thursday, August 27, 2009

more green dragon and belmont

Today I rode my bike down to the river to go fishing, and on my way home, I stopped at green dragon for lunch. I had an Upright brewing flora rustica, a dogfish head festina peche, and a hopworks batch 300 on cask. After a long hot bike ride, the flora rustica was 3/4's gone before I took the time to taste it. It was very tasty. Lighter than I generally like, but perfect for the situation. It was a saison, but as the name implies, very light and floral. I'd drink this one again on a hot day. The festina peche was a return visit. I've had this beer several times before, and it was the most sour beer on the menu, so I was happy to have it again. Light, dry, tart, and a bit peachy. Another good one for a hot day. By the time I got to my third beer, I was ready for something a bit stronger. I went for the Hopworks Batch 300 on cask. Listed as a hoppy strong ale, and tasting the part, it was a good way to round out the session.

After Green Dragon, I stopped at Belmont Station on my way home to pick up some beers to go. I got another Ommegang Biere de Mars for the aging shelf. I had this one before, but drank it when it still needed more time to develope. I'm looking forward to letting this one sit for a bit to see how it improves. I also picked up my first southern tier beer, their Jahva imperial stout. Again, in this weather, and with it's high ABV, I figured this would be a better one to sit on the shelf for a while. I love imperial coffee stouts, so I think this one will be right up my ally, and matured nicely come this winter. Other than the Southern Tier and Ommegang, I picked up two mikkeller single hop IPA's to try; the warrior and the simcoe; and I got one from Weihenstephaner that I hadn't tried yet, their Korbian dopplebock.

I haven't tried any of the bottled beers just yet, but will report with my opinions when I do.

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