Saturday, August 29, 2009

beer collecting, and pairing some east coast favs!

Yesterday I collected some pretty sweet stuff for the beer cave.

I got a stein that says "mustache stein". The inside has a little wall with a hole on it where you put your mouth, so that when you drink, the wall blocks the head from collecting on your mustache, and the hole allows the beer to flow through to your mouth. Pretty sweet.

I also got two sets of 4 vintage hamm's tapper glasses; small and large.

My favorite finds of the day however, where two different rogue collector's wooden box sets. One is the santa's private reserve set, which came with the original label (not the crappy one they've had for the last several years) santa's private reserve 22, and a wolf eel ale 22. The other is my favorite though. I picked up a 1996 rogue xs series 4 pack wooden box. It has 4 different rogue xs 7 ounce bottles, all bottled in 1996. Awesome piece.

Another great find was a metal 1981 Olympia beer serving tray.

I also got a cool old coors jacket, and a well worn widmer shirt that says "hefeweisen, bier of the gods". I added both to the vintage beer clothing wall.

Also in beer DRINKING news, I was extremely excited to get a huge loaf of scrapple (a philly area favorite, made from the scraps of a pig after slaughter) from the james beard nominated chef that's responsible for this place. I was so excited to eat my offal, that I ran to the store on the way home to get the rest of the ingredients neccesary to make scrapple sandwiches, and went home immediately to start preparing everything. Since scrapple is a favorite in jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, and maryland; I grabbed some beer from the region to eat it with. I choose dogfish head 90 minute, since I couldn't find any philly beers at the store.

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