Saturday, August 29, 2009

more collecting

Usually on the weekends we have some people we do business with come into town to sell us stuff for the store. I'm always trying to keep them on the look out for old beer stuff for me, and they came through with some pretty neat stuff this week. I got a group of glasses for miller high life, schlitz, and pabst; in a shape I've never seen or collected before. I was pretty stoked about that. I also picked up an embroidered coors light members only style jacket, and an old budweiser hat. One of their partners has an old hamms tapper keg with the original packaging that he wants to trade me for stuff that I don't have. I'm willing to pay cash for it, but right now, there are two on ebay and one on craigslist, all with the original packaging and everything, so we'll see if he wants to meet or beat those prices.

Between today, yesterday, and last weekend; I've done some pretty good collecting.

The big challenge now is finding room to put everything.

I'm getting close to having too much for the room it's all in now, but certainly not enough for the bar I'd like to open and move it all into, so I think I'm going to have to start boxing stuff up and storing it until I can make good on my bigger plans.

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