Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a new blog is born.

this is the first post of the beer cave blog. I've created this blog to chronicle my adventures with beer. so much has already happened that I haven't kept track of, but it wont happen any more! I'm going to try to get this blog up to date with events that have happened recently before my memory starts to fail me, and I hope to keep up date from here on out. To start things out, here are a couple pictures that I found on my phone:

(my first rodenbach grand cru, before they regained distribution in the US. Horse's Tavern, Paris France.)

(my first beverage from boundry bay. stopped by bellingham on my way back from canada to check them out. This is the imperial oatmeal stout. Delicious. So much so that I bought an additional growler of it to go!)

(here I am holding up a sample of mikeller beer geek brunch weasel at the portland international beerfest this year. The only beer I've ever had that was partially made with cat droppings!)

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