Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yesterday I had a new beer for the first time at Pambiche. There was a 45 minute wait for a table, and I hadn't seen a menu yet when a server asked us if she could get us some drinks while waited outside. She listed a few Mexican beers, and then a few I hadn't heard of before. Among that group where two Brazilian dark lagers. I went with a Eisenbahn Escura. Which turned out to be a Munich style dunkel lager, brewed in Brazil. Certainly not the best dunkel I'd ever had, but still very pleasing, and I was surprised to find it on the menu at a Cuban place. I had a second Eisenbahn Escura with dinner.

A: Dark amber brown. Almost no head retention, and zero lacing. Like flat Coca-Cola.

S: banana, roasted coffee, and a little boozey.

T: same as the smell, all the usual suspects for a dunkel, but lighter than I'm used to. Maybe not a good dunkel in the classic sense, but one you certainly don't mind drinking when the temperature is approaching 100 degrees, and you're eating cuban food. As a dunkel, sub-par, as a beer to accompany the situation, spot on.

M: I've read reviews that indicate this beer has a very fizzy mouthfeel when it comes to the carbonation. While I wasn't taking notes when I drank it, I felt like mine was pretty lacking in carbonation. Could have used a bit more. In the glass, this beer looks like it could be heavy, thick, or overly sweet, but the mouthfeel was a lot better than to be expected on those accounts.

D: Easy drinking, but I'd be bored of this beer after a couple.

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