Sunday, September 6, 2009

2006 pannepot

I'm at work right now, but couldn't wait to get off to crack into one of my new brews. I chose the pannepot, a beer I had tried to seek out when I was in Belgium, but did not find. I had several beer collectors tell me to look for older vintages while I was over there, but if anyone had them, they weren't selling.

Anyway, it was a nice treat to pick up a 2006 today at the beermongers.

I could write my own review, but I think this one was pretty spot on. The original reviewer gave this beer a flawless score, which I think was a bit high, but the description was very accurate. All around a solid "A" beer. Glad I found it, and I'll certainly buy more.

'06 vintage

A -Brown leather color, slightly cloudy, and a beige, thinly laced head that leaves a decorative, sticky pattern of foam on the glass. Really a beauty of a beer.

S - Complex, slightly sour aroma made up of grape, candied sugars, a Merlot wine character and port wine alcohol presence, and peppery spice notes. The age adds a 'cellar' aroma that is amazing. Just one sniff of this beer lets you know it is world class!

T - Upon first sip I was delighted and confused at the same time. All sorts of delicious malt qualities come through on the palate that didn't come through at all in the nose, making it that much more complex. Earthy notes help make this beer a relaxing 'sipper.' Sweet and sour grape notes come later. A truly awesome sensory experience!

M/D - Unlike newer vintages I've had, this beer had a perfect amount of carbonation that helped to appreciate all the flavors. As soon as I finished, I wanted more... much more!

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