Tuesday, September 1, 2009

la chouffe planter!

there's the la chouffe planter I made.

I cut a couple more bottles. I decided that a la chouffe bottle would make a great planter, because of the gardening chouffe. I started training a spider plant off-shoot in it today. I also made pint glasses out of two rogue 22's; a brutal bitter and an Oregon 150 sesquicentennial ale bottle. I'm especially stoked about the Oregon 150. I think the dated, limited run bottle is a neat thing to collect. I also like the Oregon logo and theme. I'll probably buy a couple more to make a set. Maybe some of the individual city ones too.

Right now, I'm buying bottles that I want to make things out of. I think the end product is worth at least what I paid for the beer, but for the most part, I'm probably just breaking even. For my own purposes, this is great, because I'm buying the beer anyway, now I just get more out of it; but if I want to start selling glass sets, planters, etc..., I'd like to make a couple bucks, not just subsidize my drinking habit. I need to find a good source of bottles that I don't have to pay full price for. I might have to start going out on recycling day and seeing what I can find!

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