Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new creations, new beers!

I'm still working on cutting bottles to make new things now, and I just finished three glasses made from 22's. I filled up a regular pint glass, and dumped the water into these, and I'd estimate these to be about 17 or 18 ounces; so a "generous pint". Great size. I'm only making glasses from bottles with painted on labels right now, so they can be properly washed; but I have plains for removing the labels from paper label bottles and then etching the plain glass in the near future, so this could evolve a bit. Anyway, I cut these, and then sanded down the lip so they're safe to drink out of. The sanded edge looks frosted, and the rest is as it was as a bottle. Pretty nice looking.

Also, Russian River Temptation came into town in bottles for the first time that I know of this week. I immediately picked up two bottles, but it sounds like they might be around for a little bit, like the last batch of consecration was. In fact, the consecration is still around, and while I've had a couple bottles, and I still have one aging, I might pick up more of each to hold onto for a while. I really think these are some top notch, special brews. I'd really love to see what they're like with a little more age on them.

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