Wednesday, September 2, 2009

rogue maierfest lager, wow!

I picked up a bottle of Rogue Maierfest Lager last night because I collect bottles, and have always loved the rogue ones. In Oregon, the bottles are priced competitively, and although I almost never get a knock-my-socks-off beer out of a rogue 22 (they save those for XS bottles), I'm never disappointed either. Anyway, I'm an ale guy, so I expected to unceremoniously drink this lager down so I could display it on my shelf, but at first sip I was overwhelmed by the feeling that this was a surprise beer to savour. Delicious! Perhaps a bit light for the style, and maybe just a bit more hoppy than it should be (or is it just the pac northwest hops used instead of the german ones?), but definitely less hoppy than rogue tends to treat their beers, this was a true delight.

I've been thinking about throwing an oktoberfest party here at the house, and I had intended to get a keg of a true german oktoberfest beer, but staying true to my local breweries, I might have to try to secure a keg of this bad boy!

Thanks Rogue!

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