Saturday, September 26, 2009

ommegang grand cru rouge

The other day, I was randomly checking the current green dragon taplist from work to see if there was anything I might want to try on my way home, and there totally was. Ommegang Grand Cru Rouge. The first time I've ever seen it available anywhere. It has a 100% rating on, and given that flander's reds have been my favorite style of the year, I had to go try it. It was pretty good. I'd say it fell somewhere between Rodenbach grand cru and duchesse de bourgogne in flavor. Now since I tend to put Rodenbach Grand Cru at the top of the traditional flanders red list, and duchesse at a lower rank, straying from rodenbach in the direction of duchesse could be a risky manuever, but I think it worked. It didn't have quite the same acidity of the rodenbach, but it wasn't as overwhelmingly sweet like the duchesse tends to be for me. Was it worth the detour? Absolutely. Do I agree that it should have a 100% rating on ratebeer? Absolutely not. I think beeradvocate was a little more on par with it's A- rating. It's no Cascade or russian river. Still, as one of those highly sought after american flanders red's, I think it's worth the trouble to seek out, even if that means a lot more effort than stopping by a place on your way home from work.

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