Saturday, November 14, 2009

hair of the dog dock sale!

I woke up at 2:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep because I was too excited for the event. I killed some time around the house, went to jack in the box for breakfast, and ended up at hair of the dog at 5:15. Second person there. After a few more people showed up, and a group descended on the tasting tables, I joined the bunch and shared my bottles. I was rewarded with an amazing selction of beers that I sampled over the next 4 hours. I kept a list of those I tried for the purpose of this blog. Here they are:

voodoo brewing - big black voodoo daddy
midnight sun - cosmic
left hand brewing company - snowbound winter ale
midnight sun - berserker
midnight sun - treat
bottleworks 10th new belgium - wild ale
07 laurelwood - old reliable
lost abbey - lost and found
ballast point - sea monster
ballast point - barrel aged sea monster
brooklyn - local 1
midnight sun - uranus with brett
firestone - 12
midnight sun - anchor with brett
sweetwater - dank tank barley wine
big sky - ivan the terrible
cascade - sang royal
hair of the dog - michael
hair of the dog - cherry adam
north coast - old rasputin xii
deschutes - dissident
sweetwater dank tank big ol' belgian blue balls
pelican - perfect storm 09
port - old viscosity
midnight sun - big slick
brooklyn - local 2
cascade - kriek
southern tier - choklat
boulevard - smokestack series imperial stout
ithaca - brute
cascade - the vine
surly - darkness
goose island - juliet
the bruery - BLACK TUESDAY
2006 duck rabbit - barley wine
abita - abbey ale
deschutes - abyss 08
deschutes - abyss 09
terrapin - depth charge
new belgium - la folie
hoppin frog - boris the crusher
southern tier - pumpking
midnight sun - fallen angel

When the sale started, I was the second to purchase beer, and the first to order any magnums, so technically, I bought the first magnum of Michael ever sold, and the first magnums of 2009 fred from the wood and cherry adam ever sold.

I also picked up a mixed 6 pack of the above beers.

All in all, an awesome event, but I was so tired by the time I got my beers, that I came straight home. 5 hours in that kind of cold, drinking, is enough!

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