Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cave updates

I've been selling off a bunch of stuff on craigslist over the past couple of days, including the couch that had been taking up valuable space in garage over the last couple of months. Also on the list, the air hockey table; which made me realize how out-dated the photos of the cave on this page are. I've since dismantled the table, and it's been laying up again the wall, taking up (less) space ever since. Since it got used exactly once, I eventually decided to replace it with a seating area, which has already proven far more useful.

Also, the breweriana section has been suffering from a lack of updates as well. I've actually reached the threshold now where no amount of reorganizing can create space to display anything else, so I've just been boxing things up as I get them for the future, when I have an appropriately sized space to display everything. Besides those big panels I recently blogged about, I got this neat stein lamp recently, which is signed and dated 1973, neat!

On to other alcohol. This week I bottled the mead and cider I made last year. I tasted both and found the cider to be a bit drier than I wanted, so I added more honey in hopes that it would continue to ferment and leave some additional sugars behind. The mead was really nice, but could still use more time. I tried a blend of the two though, and it was delicious, so I mixed a gallon of the blend and put it aside to continue maturing.

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