Sunday, March 7, 2010

A few good beers

After work last night, I walked over to Bailey's taproom to have a couple of beers and some dinner. I had seen the taplist online earlier in the day, and couldn't resist. First, I started with Caldera Old Growth imperial stout. I've read about this beer a few times, but this was my first time spotting it in town. This beer was really really good. After the Caldera, I went with a black butte xxi - one of my favorite beers - and I think the Caldera finished at the top of the podium. After the old growth and the black butte xxi, I went with an imperial pint of 2007 Alaskan Smoked Porter. Every time I have this one I regret how long its been since I've had my last one. This is both one of my favorite smokey beers, as well as one of my favorite porters. I think with how common Alaskan beers are, I often overlook them when I shouldn't. The smoked porter is great, as well as their Baltic Porter, which I was also recently reintroduced to. I'd like to grab a few more of these in bottles soon to put away for a year or two in the basement.

With my thirst quenched, I grabbed the menu for the mexican food place across the street, and called in an order for a Pastor burrito, santeria style (smothered in salsa verde, melted cheese, and sour cream). About ten minutes later, I had a massive burrito in front of me. MASSIVE. It was both delicious and filling, and really made me appreciate the outside food policy at Bailey's; this was the first time I took advantage of the service.

Looking to the future, I'm even more excited about the opening of Apex now; just thinking about a los gorditos garbage burrito with my beer makes life seem worth living.

After that smoked porter and big burrito, I finished the trip off with an 07 Old Boardhead, which was delicious and a nice change from the heavy dark beers I had been drinking.

After Bailey's, we made out way down to green dragon, (with a few stops in between) where I finished out the night with a Jubel 2010 before riding my bike back to house and calling it a day.

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