Friday, April 2, 2010

blazers beer

(look at the handsome guy in the gray hat in this photo)

The other day I was blessed with a free ticket to the Blazers/Knicks game at the rose garden. I say "blessed" because it turned out to be a court-side VIP ticket right behind Kevin Pritchard, which I didn't realize until right before the game started.

The neat thing about the good seats is the beer service. No more missing key moments of the game due to long lines at the concession stands. While it was tempting to feel a bit disappointed by the beer selection, i sucked it up and spent the night drinking long hammer IPA's, and recalling the beer selections (and prices) at other major league stadiums I've been too.

I'd take tap water with that seat, so the long hammer was a welcome addition over the rest of the macro swill.


  1. Yeah, you could do worse than Long Hammer, for sure.

    What's with those suits in the front row? Could they be more bored? I think they would be happier at home counting their riches. I ALSO think that they would be more comfortable watching the game in jeans and t-shirts -- but I've only been to 3 NBA games. What do I know?

    Just sayin'...

  2. well some have speculated that the suit on the right might get fired, so that could suck a little of the fun out of his game!