Saturday, September 12, 2009

HUB comparison and home brew competition

I just rode over to Belmont Station again to grab the two bottled Hopworks IPA's to try side-by-side later on today. On the way over, a few blocks from the store, I whizzed past a bunch of guys standing around big metal metal cauldrons, and I new I had stop on my way back. The smell of boiling wort in the air let me know they weren't deep frying turkeys!

After picking up the bottles, I stopped by the brew party and learned they were participating in an annual home brew competition, where 5 guys agree on the same recipe, and brew the same beer on their own. After the beer has fermented, they get together and try them and see who did the best job crafting the beer. They were working on a rich dark looking russian imperial stout this year. One of the brewers wore a big green foam hop hat. It was funny. I wish I had my camera. I was surprised this time of year they weren't making a style to showcase some fresh hops, but I guess a russian imperial stout will be nice to have this fall/winter.

Portland is a cool place when you can ride you bike to a location less than 1 mile from your home and see fresh hop vines growing in some yards, brew parties going on in others, and then end up at one of the best bottle shops in the country, all in under 10 minutes.

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