Friday, September 11, 2009

more collectables!

Since my last post, I found some good breweriana to add to the collection. First, 3 great light-up signs; rainier, Oregon Budweiser, and coors light beerwolf. My wife found me a sweet Old Milwaukee jean jacket, and I found a bud bowl I 1988 t-shirt. The signs and the old milwaukee jacket can be seen in the collection pictures under the blog portion of this site, if you're viewing it properly at

All awesome finds. The bud bowl is pretty interesting because the first bud bowl aired in 1989, the calender year AFTER the shirt was produced. Must have been the first run of promotional stuff they printed building up to the release of bud bowl commercials at the Superbowl.

The other day I revisited a couple solid beers in the cave. McChouffe and Urthel Hop-It. While retasting both these beers really cemented my favorable opinion of each, I really forgot just how GOOD the hop-it was. What a fantastic Belgian IPA.

I'm excited about a new hopworks beer that has just made it's debut in bottles. It's their Bike Beer IPA, the fifth of their beers to make it into their beautifully serigraphed bottles. It looks like they're using the bottles to advertise upcoming bike related events in the city. These will definitely be great bottles to collect, since the printed dates for the upcoming events indicate that it will be a really limited release. The art for the bottles is as follows:

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